Meet Adam Beattie, Restaurant Manager at Mayacama

Mayacama is more than just golf; it’s an entire lifestyle experience.  The restaurant at Mayacama offers a variety of dishes which change with the season.  Here you will find entrees which celebrate the bounty of local artisans, organically grown produce, locally raised meat and poultry, fresh caught seafood from the coast, all enhanced with fresh herbs from the chef ’s garden.

The dining rooms are always alive and spill from three separate dining rooms to wide terraces overlooking the golf course. Dinners can be enjoyed in the wine cellar or on its private patio. Whether formal or casual, Mayacama is recognized as one of the truly outstanding culinary programs in Wine Country.

Adam Beattie, Restaurant Manager at Mayacama, took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions:

What does your background entail and how’d you land at Mayacama? Share your journey with us.

First, I fell in love with golf about 12 years ago.  I grew up playing baseball, basketball, football, and track.  If you had asked me 12 years ago and one day if I’d ever be a golfer, I would have laughed at you!  Transitioning into golf my first year or two was challenging to say the least.  I stuck with it, however, got some lessons and started to become good at it.  Soon after getting my handicap down to a 14, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Mayacama and play golf with a District Mgr. from Young’s Market.  I shot a 105 that day and was humbled.   It was the nicest golf course I had seen or played on; and I still feel the same way.  That was my introduction to Mayacama Golf Club.

As far as my restaurant background, I had the good fortune of growing up in Napa Valley, St. Helena specifically.  I’ve been in the restaurant business for over twenty years now.  I started my first job at fifteen years old at Tra Vigne restaurant.  I spent the next 14 years, through high school and college, working my way up from busser to Asst. General Manager.  The talented mentors and the rich food culture I was exposed to during that time built the foundation for my love of food and hospitality.  Considered one of the best restaurants in California at that time, we would serve over a thousand people a day were enjoying rustic Italian food like they had never tasted before in their lives and drinking fantastic wines -it was the place to be!   Another exciting part of working at an incredibly busy and successful restaurant was learning the business side of it.  I was taught very early that the business creates the art.  This meant that all the prime costs had to be in line daily (food, wine, labor, and liquor) in order for us to run a financially sound restaurant.  Once I left Tra Vigne, I spent the next six years at some excellent restaurants, including Farmstead, Bottega, and Cook.  I then moved to Healdsburg in the winter of 2015 and did some consulting for a few small businesses’ for a year before I came across a job opening at Mayacama on line.  I submitted my resume and had an interview two days later.  It has been almost a year now, and I still feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this team.

What are 3 things that you strive for in terms of the quality at the restaurant?

A staff that is friendly, informed, and genuinely wants to serve their guests/members.  Coaching the staff through competence and compassion are keys to that success.

We have to have products we can support and believe in as a staff.  Chef’s delicious food and our exceptional wine list make that easy.  Not to mention the view we have from the Bar & Grill every day!

Ongoing education about food, wine, and service at daily line ups are a must.  We live in one of the top food and wine meccas of the world, continued education is vital!

The menus are known for being approachable, local and responsibly sourced. Name a few of your favorite (and customers’ favorite) locally sourced brands used at Mayacama:

Preston Farms Produce & Lamb

KJ Farms

Bellwether Farms

Full Belly Farms

Akaushi Beef

David Little’s Potatoes

Old Redwood Beer

And of course, Greg Hauck’s Garden Produce!

What are the 3 most ordered dishes at Mayacama?

Burrata, Our Burger & Crispy Chicken

Do you ever get special requests or requests to bring back a certain menu item?

Our members stick with what’s offered on our seasonal menus most of the time, but when they do have special requests, Chef Pikey & his team are always accommodating.

The menu items guests request the most when it is off season are the Fish Tacos, Pork Cheek Sugo, Short Ribs, and the Old School Cobb Salad.

Name your 3 personal favorite Sonoma County restaurants and your go-to order item at each:

Diavola – Linguine with Clams & Squid or the Cha Cha Cha Pizza (Smoked Pork Belly, Roasted Red Peppers, Goat Cheese, Onions).

Hana Sushi – Any of Chef’s Nigiri (Favorites our Spanish Mackeral, Ikura, & Fluke).

Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar – A dozen Kushi Oysters and a Lobster Roll with an ice cold Trumer Pilsner (Always those 3 things  J).

Lightning Round:

My favorite Mayacama dish:   Any of Chef’s Seasonal Sashimi
If I’m not in the kitchen you’ll find me:   On the golf course
If I wasn’t a Restaurant Manager, I’d be a:   Museum Curator
Person I’d most like to dine with us at Mayacama:  Rory McIlroy
Guilty Pleasure:   Pasta
3 Favorite Travel Destinations:   Kaui, Yosemite, and Point Reyes/Inverness on the Coast

Thanks Adam.  We appreciate you taking the time to share your insight.

Mayacama is a private golf and residential community where a vibrant club life is joined by an active sporting life in an indescribably beautiful valley. To learn more about membership opportunities at Mayacama, please contact us at 866.519.3088 (toll free) or 707.387.0449 (direct) or via email at Get social with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.