Behind the Scenes with Mayacama Spa Director D’arcy Connich

The Spa at Mayacama offers a luxurious yet relaxing setting where Members enjoy exclusive access to the experienced team of massage therapists and estheticians who deliver an assortment of lavish treatments guaranteed to rejuvenate your body mind and spirit.

We recently had a chance to chat with Mayacama’s Spa Director, D’arcy Connich to gain some personal and professional insight.

Number of years in Sonoma County:  32

Originally from: My dad was in the military so we moved a bit.  Born in San Diego, CA – then lived in Juneau, Alaska – moved to Oahu, HI and then ended up back in Northern California, where I grew up most of my life.

Job Title:  Spa Director

What do you find is the most compelling reason people choose to become part of Mayacama? 

First, the property is amazing.  I feel like I’m in Snow White’s enchanted forest!  It’s a breathtaking place to be.  Then, the service.  “No” is not part of our vocabulary.  We have every intention of meeting all the needs of our members.  The staff is amazing as well.  You can see we all like each other and work well together. I feel like that shines through our service.  We are a great team and we all support each other to make our members as happy as can be!

Outside of Mayacama what are 3 of your favorite spots (indoors or out) to unwind in Sonoma County? 

I enjoy the outdoors, so my favorite place is Dylan Beach.  I can take my 4 dogs there…everyone is so nice and dog friendly we can have them off leash and relax.  Next would be Armstrong Woods. It is such a beautiful place to hike and feel the energy of mother nature and I can take my dogs there, as well (leashed) but still have a good time.  3rd would be Hood Mountain. It’s the highest point between Sonoma and Napa Valleys at 2730 Feet. When you get to the top the view is incredible – makes you realize what an amazing place we live in.

What’s the most popular spa treatment at Mayacama?

Massage.  Deep Tissue or Swedish it is by far the most requested treatment we have.

What wellness trends you are seeing in 2016?

Meditation is turning into an everyday routine rather than something you do once in a while.  People are starting to realize how important  it is to stop and breath.

Aroma Therapy Massage.  People are starting to catch on to how much Essential Oils really help our bodies inside and out.  We are looking to bring in The Aroma Touch massage this summer.

Preventative care for our Skin.  Studies show Sunblock is not doing 100% of the job in protecting our skin from sun damage – leading to wrinkles, sagging aging skin and skin cancer.  We are all starting to learn better ways to keep our youthful skin and not need Botox and Fillers.  By adding an antioxidant to our skincare regime as well as using an SPF you will be 100% protected from sun damage – of course you will need to reapply the sunblock after an appropriate amount of time.

Teaching wellness to our children seems to be something trending.  I notice there is a lot out there for teaching our children to not let stress take over their lives as it may with their parents.  We seem to be concentrating on how bad stress treats our mind and body and it’s nice to see children’s yoga classes popping up and classes where we are actually teaching them how to deal with stress from a young age.  We may be creating a nice relaxed youthful society and I look forward to this!

What is your favorite Sonoma County place to grab a healthy bite?

To be honest, I rarely go out to eat…my husband (he also works at Mayacama in the Facilities Maintenance Dept) and I just bought our first house so we are just cooking up a storm at home and staying on a budget. BUT if I do have an opportunity to go out I will make sure I go to Jeffrey’s Hillside Café for a Mimosa and Huevos Rancheros!  It is the best I’ve had and quite a treat!

What’s new at Mayacama?

We are offering a Spring Spa Special…with any 80 minute Massage or Facial you will receive a complimentary Seaweed Detoxifying Foot Treatment.  This seaweed-based mud supplies sluggish cells with all indexed trace elements and minerals to jump-start enzymatic reactions, and revitalize normal cellular functions.  As the cells absorb the powerful complex of nutrients and balance is achieved, cellular response becomes energized enough to eliminate stored metabolic waste.  Feel like 80 minutes is just not enough?  Book a 100 minute Massage and enjoy a Reflexology Treatment after your Detox Mask is removed!

This Seaweed Detoxifying Mask Treatment is also available as Body Wrap for a much more intense Detoxifying treatment!
Lavender, Rosemary or Sage: Lavender

Growing up I dreamed of being a:  Professional Make-up Artist

5 things I can’t live without: SkinCeuticals Skin Care Products, Sunshine, My Dogs, My Family, My Friends

Best part of my job:

There is not just one.  I love working at Mayacama, the staff, the scenery, the members…I love it here.  I come early and stay late and have no feelings of I have to get out of here.  I have worked in many places and have never felt so at home as I do here.  I can’t imagine working anywhere else and truly hope I never have to!

Next spot on my travel itinerary:

Costa Rica!! Or Australia, or Greece, or Italy, or Rome…I haven’t been many places other than Hawaii for vacation…YET!  I’d just be happy to go anywhere really!  I’m on board for any new experience!

Mayacama is a private golf and residential community where a vibrant club life is joined by an active sporting life in an indescribably beautiful valley. To learn more about membership opportunities at Mayacama, please contact us at 866.519.3088 (toll free) or 707.387.0449 (direct) or via email at Get social with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.